Your reliable partner in credit management
Your reliable partner in credit management

Scoring & Rating Systems

Our scoring and rating systems deliver solutions of how to comply with legal regulations and how to assess the default risks of corporate clients (Corporate Rating) as well as retail clients (Retail Rating). Quantitative data are complemented with qualitative assessments. The rating process is highly automated and supported by web-based interfaces.

As a result of the rating process, each debtor is assigned a score and/or a rating category with a one-year or multi-year probability of default (PD) . Our scoring and rating systems have a high discriminatory power and predictive accuracy and show over time stability. Our systems can be customized to match the individual requirements of any given risk management system.
Our scoring and rating systems support the monitoring of credit risks and total risk exposure.

Your advantages in short:

  • High level of discriminatory power and predictive accuracy;
  • High degree of automation in decision processes;
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • One-year and multi-year probabilitiy of defaults (for one-year and longer periods);
  • Automatic processing of (publicly disclosed) annual financial statements;
  • Customization for portfolio-specific requirements.

Our range of services includes the development of scoring and rating systems through most advanced statistical techniques and on the basis of internal as well as external data pools.

Our scoring and rating models are distinguished by their high levels of discriminatory power, predictive accuracy and stability. In our development effort, we always ensure that the decision process benefits from a high level of automation.

All developments are comprehensively documented, making it easier for our clients and their business partners to read and understand the results.

We have many years of experience in the development of scoring and rating systems. We although continuously develop and improve our scoring and rating model. We also use this knowledge to provide our clients with informed assistance in the successful management of their projects. Our capacities to customize and calibrate our scoring and rating systems to the individual requirements of our clients reflect the principles of our deeply held customer service philosophy. We also develop cross-border solutions for customers with an international footprint.

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