Your reliable partner in credit management
Your reliable partner in credit management

Balance Sheet Data

Creditreform balance sheet data meet the highest quality standards

Every year, balance sheet data of more than one million German companies are published. After a quality check these annual financial statements are available in comprehensively structured for credit decision processes or for developing industry-specific performance indicators or benchmarks Standardized data administration processes guarantee consistent and reliable results.

The balance sheet information in the data pool reaches back to the year 1996. In addition to the annual financial statements of leading German (DAX-listed) companies and other stock corporations that are obliged to disclose such data, we also have access to the annual statements of private companies and other commercial enterprises which are not subject to any such duties. This balance sheet information can therefore be used to complement our customers‘ own credit portfolios. It is also possible to transfer the data directly into existing data administration structures (mapping). We commonly deliver information in formats such as XBRL, EBIL, and agree21. Our clients also have the option of commissioning Creditreform Rating AG to perform a full balance sheet data management service.

Balance sheet data can be provided either at a particular point in time (one-off delivery of historical data) or on demand via web interfaces.

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