Your reliable partner in credit management
Your reliable partner in credit management

Industry-Specific Data

Within the framework of the assessment of a company, industry information makes an important contribution, especially for consulting professions and credit institutions. In addition, companies are given the opportunity to position themselves within the target industry in relation to their competitors. The recognition of industry structures allows a targeted market entry.

Our range of services includes industry-specific representations of balance sheet ratios and profit and loss account ratios, of default information, of typical payment patterns, of risk parameters and assessments of companies in specific regions and of specific sizes as well as analyses that narrow their focus on any combination of these features.

We offer industry-specific data for Germany (WZ2008), Austria (ÖNACE 2008) and Luxembourg (NACELUX Rév. 2).

We can compile reports on the level of individual industries, groups of industries and entire economies. The development of any industry over time can be represented by subjecting the relevant data to a process of time-slicing.

Combining industry-specific data (categorizing industries according to the WZ'08 Code) and data from specific regions (municipalities, districts or federal states) with empirical default data, we can provide you with:

  • RiskCheck
  • FinancialCheck and
  • WorkingCapitalCheck business Reports.

Detailed and up-to-date information on more than 900 industries compared to the overall economy

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