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European rating agency. Objective, transparent, independent.

Long-Term Local Currency Senior Unsecured Issues La Poste S.A.

La Poste S.A.

Rating History

Rating Watch Outlook Decision Date Action Validity Date Maximum Validity
A+ Watch UNW 01.07.2022 07.07.2022
A+ Outlook NEG 18.01.2022 21.01.2022


  • 07.07.2022
    Creditreform Rating has assigned the unsolicited corporate issuer ratings of A+ of La Poste S.A. as well as the EUR-denominated long-term senior unsecured issues of the named issuer with the addendum Watch UNW. The debt securities are included in the ECB's list of eligible marketable assets, which is available on the European Central Bank's website. An outlook is not applicable. For further details on the ratings, please refer to the press release below.
  • 21.01.2022
    Based on the unsolicited corporate issuer rating of La Poste S.A. (A+ / negative), Creditreform Rating also assigned unsolicited corporate issue ratings on issues (ISIN) from La Poste S.A. The rating objects in question are exclusively the long-term senior unsecured issues denominated in euro, which have been issued by La Poste S.A., and included in the list of ECB-eligible marketable assets. The ECB list of eligible marketable assets can be found on the ECB's website. All the following issues (ISIN) are rated with A+ / negative.

ISIN Liste

ISIN Action Validity Date Maximum Validity
FR001400CW79 20.10.2022 10.11.2022
FR001400CN54 29.09.2022
FR001400CN47 29.09.2022
FR001400AMT4 02.06.2022 12.07.2022
FR0014001IP3 21.01.2022
FR0014001IO6 21.01.2022
FR0013508694 21.01.2022
FR0013508686 21.01.2022
FR0013447638 21.01.2022
FR0013447604 21.01.2022
FR0013384567 21.01.2022
FR0012758985 21.01.2022
FR0011360478 21.01.2022
FR0000476087 21.01.2022