European rating agency. Objective, transparent, independent.
European rating agency. Objective, transparent, independent.


European Rating Agency

Creditreform Rating, one of Europe‘s leading credit rating agencies, provides investors with a wide choice of products including asset-based finance ratings (for the asset classes infrastructure, property / real estate, renewable energies, logistics and aviation), bank ratings, sovereign ratings, corporate ratings, corporate issue ratings and assessments of structured finance instruments. We perform ratings across Europe as well as for companies in the USA, Canada and Asia.


Since 2011, Creditreform Rating has been registered pursuant to the EU Regulation on Credit Rating Agencies and is subject to the supervision of the European Securities and Markets Authority ESMA. Our activities are governed by three principles: objectivity, transparency, and independence. European financial institutions and regulated institutional investors use our ratings to establish equity capital requirements. Creditreform Rating has been recognized as an External Credit Assessment Institution (ECAI) under the Basel III Regulations and performs ratings that comply with the requirements of supervising authorities for financial markets or transactions. Under the process of official approval, Creditreform Rating has been provided with the mapping of the competent European supervision authorities that is required to calculate individual equity capital requirements.

Approval as ECB-ECAI

We are one of the few European credit rating authorities that are ready to meet the European Central Bank requirements for the formal recognition as an ECB-ECAI (an ECB-approved external credit assessment institution). Such recognition is only provided to credit rating agencies that fulfil a wide range of conditions. In the light of our company’s strong and vigorous development since its establishment in the year 2000, we are confident that the ongoing approval process will be successfully completed.